LSUB is a research team from the Universidad Rey Juan Carlos of Madrid (Spain). The group has 600+ citations in Google Scholar. The team has presented their research at conferences of great relevance in the field of distributed systems and software systems, for example, IEEE Intl Conference on High Performance Distributed Computing , IEEE Intl Conference on Pervasive Computing and Communications and IEEE HotOS, and published in scientific journals such as Journal of Systems and Software, Software Practice and Experience, Bell Labs Technical Journal, IEEE Pervasive And Pervasive Computing and Mobile Computing.

In addition to the formal teaching at the Universidad Rey Juan Carlos in Bachelor, Master and PhD, the group trains professionals in topics such as programming, operating systems, distributed middleware, security, computer networks and compilers.

LSUB has created several research operating systems and other systems software. Most of them are available as free (libre) software. We are now working on Clive, a new system for cloud computing.

The group is experienced in the exploitation of results and technology transfer to the productive sector. We have created different systems for important companies in the field of operating and distributed systems. In previous projects funded by public entities we cooperated with companies like Andago, Synergex, Ikerlan and Sun Microsystems. Nix OS, the latest system we developed, has served as the basis for projects in IBM and Google, and is the system to be used in commercial products of new generation Coraid. The Systems Lab has also designed and developed systems for R&D Ericsson and Alcatel-Lucent under contract funded research. Moreover, Vita Nuova Ltd, Company operating systems marketed as Plan 9 and Inferno, collaborates regularly with the Laboratory of Systems and has provided support for several of its projects, including Nix.