Plan B User's Manual.

Section 2: System Calls.
Section 3: Library Functions.
Section 4: System Boxes.
Section 5: Op, the Box Protocol.

Section 2: System Calls.

intro : Introduction to System Calls.
cast : Defines a type cast in the name space converter set.
change : Changes the current working box.
chinfo : Change the box information.
copy : Copies one box to another.
delete : Deletes a box.
dot : Obtains the current working box.
forget : Forgets the name for a box in the name space.
import : Imports a box under a given name in the name space.
info : Get the box information.
kind : Get the box type.
link : Links one box to another.
make : Makes a box.
selectors : Get names for inner boxes.
uncast : Undefines a type cast in the name space converter set.

Section 3: Library Functions.

intro : Introduction to Library Functions.
die, atdie, delatdie : Natural death.
draw, initdraw, ⋯ : Graphics
error, catcherror, noerror, errmsg : Error handling.
exists : Checking the existence of a box
spawn, die : process handling functions
bufbox, vmboxaddr, vmbox, varbox : Boxes for process memory

Section 4: System Boxes.

intro : Introduction to System Boxes.
chan : Channel boxes.
con, tcp, udp : Network connection boxes
fs : Native file system boxes.
mem : System wide memory boxes.
proc : Processor boxes.
sys : Machine boxes.
term : Terminal boxes.
usr : Human user boxes.
vm : Virtual memory boxes

Section 5: Op, the Box Protocol.

intro : Introduction to Op, the Box Protocol.
chinfo : Box information update
copy : Request box copy
delete : Request a box deletion
getmem, putmem : Transfer box contents.
kind : Get box information
link : Request a box link
make : Request a box creation
selectors : Get box information
status : Reply to a request with status condition