Plan B User's Manual


intro ­ Introduction to Library Functions.


#include <ulib.h>
char* pname;


This section introduces the set of Plan B library functions for an application programmer. Most of the times only a single header file has to be included, as shown in the synopsys. No other include is necessary unless stated so in the synopsys of the manual page for the function considered. Standard C library functions are considered part of the system library and do not require extra includes.

When running on a hosted environment, the native system libraries are also available.

pname is a global string containing the program name.


All system calls and some library functions may raise exceptions; the error string describes the cause. See error(3) for a description.



See also

intro(2) for an introduction to system calls.

Plan B: Boxes for network resources. Francisco J Ballesteros.

The Box: A replacement for files. Francisco J Ballesteros and Sergio Arevalo. HotOS-VII.


None of the C library functions is document, and some Plan B library functions lack their manual pages too.

Many library functions are missing—native ones are being used instead. This is expected to change soon as applications are ported to Plan B.

Plan B User's Manual. First edition.