User's manual. Section 1.

MVF(1): move files



Mvf moves a single file (or directory) to a target name or multiple files to a target directory. The destination is the exact name of the new file, and it is overwritten if it already exists.

Unlike in UNIX, there is no doubt regarding what the target name is. It does not matter if the target is or not a directory and if it exists or not.

When a single file is named as a source in the arguments (although it might imply a tree of files!), the root of the named source (perhaps a single file) will become the named target.

When more than one single source is given (again, sources might imply full trees), the destination is always the parent of the source roots.


Move file ./1 to file /tmp/2.

Unlike in UNIX, this is an error in Clive, because the source is a file and the copy name is a directory:



User's manual. Section 1.