User's manual. Section 1.

WR(1): document writer



Wr is a document writer that knows how to convert a simple format to one of raw text (for manual pages), troff source, LaTeX source, HTML, PostScript or PDF. It knows how to handle figures (including [cite pic(1)] source) and tables.

The output file(s) are generated in the directory where the command is run, unless flag -o is used to indicate an output file. In this case, output file(s) are generated in the directory of the indicated output file, and this may include extra files for figures using the output file name as a prefix.

The input file may have any name, but the suggested extension is .w for all wr input files.


Generate text output for a file:

Generate output for many of them

Generate html and place the output at another directory (including any auxiliary files for figures):

Besides the file mentioned in the see-also section, all manual pages are also examples of the input format.




Wr does not generate PDF nor images on its own. For figures, wr relies on convert (from imagemagick) and a few scripts contained in both ghostscript and TeX to generate and convert EPS files. If there are errors while compiling a document with images, it might be that some of these packages are missing. Installing seem to suffice for OSX hosts, and you should add if you want LaTeX with pdflatex to compile generated TeX.

User's manual. Section 1.