User's manual. Section 1.

ZXDUMP(1): create a zx dump for file trees



Zxdump creates a tree with a dump for contents of the named file tree. The dump contains one directory per tree, which contains one per year, which contains one per day, which contains the tree as of that day.

The dump is created at /dump unless flag -d tells otherwise.

The program operates on a local file tree and can therefore be used to create a dump for UNIX files. But it may dump remote trees as well.

The dump de-duplicates files, using the SHA of file (or directory) contents to identify the file.

Unless flag -1 is used, the program makes a dump and then keeps on running to make a new dump every day at 5am.

By default, files starting with a "." or with "tmp." are not dumped and contents of directoried named tmp are ignored.

This command relies on underlying UNIX files to create the dump and (for now) to read the dumped tree, to let our dump survive any bugs found in the ZX code as a result of using the development tree.


Make a dump at /dump for the tree at /home/lsub with the name lsub and then exit.

Start dump to make a local dump once a day for local replicas:


User's manual. Section 1.