User's manual. Section 1.

ZXFUSE(1): import remote zx file trees through FUSE



Zxfuse imports the named address and serves the imported zx file tree through the local FUSE interface.

If the address is a file existing in the local file tree, a local ZX service is started for that file and then mounted through FUSE. If the address is a network address, the remote file is imported.

The tree is mounted at /n/zx by default unless a mount point mnt is supplied in the command line.

By default an in-memory cache is kept for the remote tree and write operations are accepted. The cache performs delayed writes and never evicts its contents. It is suggested not to use the cache when mounting a dump file system. The cache is synced after one second of inactivity regarding writes and also once per minute. Unmounting the file system syncs the cache as well.

When using the in-memory cache and a remote tree reached through the network, temporary disconnections are tolerated. The file system may be used (and updated) during disconnections, but any access to uncached content will fail with an i/o error.

Under flag -x the program re-exports the cached tree to the given address. This can be used to let speakers of the zx file system protocol leverage the cache kept by this program without going through FUSE.


Mount the zx file tree from nautilus at /n/zx and export the cache at the local unix network under the zx service name.

See who is using the file system and force a sync of the cache.

Mount the dump, uncached:



The errors reported through FUSE are many times a permission denied when other things happen, and the actual error is printed by the server. This is so for portability, because some of our UNIX kernels have problems with other error types when they come from FUSE. This must be addressed in the future.


User's manual. Section 1.