User's manual. Section 1.

ZXPULL(1): pull changes for a replica



Zxpull pulls changes from a remote tree into a local replica. It compares local and remote changes and decides which changes must be pushed and which ones must be pulled. The newest change wins if there is a conflicting change. File removes are noted and using the modification time for their directory. If a directory is added or removed, inner files and directories are added or removed as well no matter if the other replica has changes for such inner files. See zxrepl(1) for usage examples.

Flag -a pulls all the changes from the remote without paying attention to any local file or change made. This flag is meant to initialize the file tree by making it equal to the remote replica after the replica has been created, but it can be used at any time and will discard all local changes in favor of the remote tree.

Flag -b does not consider local changes when pulling and propagates all changes made in the remote tree to the local one.

If no argument is given, zxpull pulls all replicas found at /u/lib/repl.

When given, he file argument names the replica and the database files. The replica is the basename for file. The local database file is file with ".ldb" appended. The remote database file is file with ".rdb" appended. If file does not contain "/" then "/u/lib/repl/" is prepended to it.

Metadata changes at the root of the replica are always ignored.



User's manual. Section 1.