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The Off++ distributed adaptable microkernel

Work on Off++ has been discontinued. The third version of the system (known as Off++v2) is rather different from the original design and is named Plan B.
We are working on a distributed adaptable microkernel (DAMN) named Off++ which is meant to be a run-time platform for the 2K Operating System. Below you will find some papers related to an old prototype, named Off, as well as information about the current one, named Off++.

The more peculiar things about Off++ is that


The first prototype (Off), was implemented for my PhD. A second prototype (Off++) has been implemented applying design patterns to the original design. The source code is actually literate source code. Off++ code is written with noweb using C++ as the programming language and LaTeX as the documentation language.


You should either look in my papers page or go to the source section below. (The first Off++ version had a literate implementation, thus the source is like a big paper).

Source code

Every document related to the Off++ implementation, including its design and source code is shown here.

Pointers to related sites

Use Plan 9!