Plan 9 Resources at URJC

What's this?

Plan 9 is a distributed operating system developed by the same group that made UNIX. The main design guidelines of Plan 9 are:

What do we use Plan 9 for?

Some of us in the laboratorio de sistemas use Plan 9 both at home and for the daily work. There are several Operating Systems Courses using Plan 9 both to teach theory and practice. See below for documents and books.

This is the Plan 9 network at URJC

Contruner is our 4th edition file server. It uses a coraid SR1521 to supply 7.5Tbytes of raw storage, used to maintain a (venti backed up) fossil file system. DNS, DHCP, and auth services are provided by, which also keeps our old file system with a 500Gbytes venti. Aquamar, known as, is the main frontend to the outside. It provides web and mail services. Two extra CPU servers are used as auth/file servers for student laboratories (hydra and leviatan). Most other machines are terminals, including those used at home.

The storage in contruner is maintained by using fs(3) to partition the SR disks. The SR takes care of maintain mirrors by itself, for reliability. We describe here how we installed the file server.

How to get in touch?

We all read the 9fans list. Use it (see below for how to do it).

Software for Plan 9 Fourth edition

Most of it is available either at /contrib/nemo in the bell-labs sources file server used to get Plan 9 updates or is integrated in the distribution. See Plan 9 web page. Manual pages are included.

We maintain a mirror of the sources file server. Use 9fs at your Plan 9 terminal to access our mirror.

Local documents

Local projects

Videos and misc

We keep a copy of the videos for IWP9 2007 talks.