Books and papers

These are some publications and books I wrote. They are arranged on sections depending on the system they refer to, or put in the miscellaneous section if they do not refer to a particular system we made. Within each section, the most recent one goes first.


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  • Picky: A New Introductory Programming Language Francisco J. Ballesteros, Enrique Soriano-Salvador, and Gorka Guardiola Muzquiz. Journal of Computational Science Education. Volume 6, Issue 1. pp. 16-24. 2015.
  • Pepys – The Network is a File System. Sape Mullender, Pascal Wolkotte, Francisco Ballesteros, Enrique Soriano, and Gorka Guardiola. RoSAC-2011-4. This is an early design document on the ∏P file system protocol.
  • Zgae: Proposed file system architecture. Laboratorio de Sistemas. RoSAC-2011-3. Yet another file system plan.
  • Some performance experiments for simple data structures. Francisco J. Ballesteros, Enrique Soriano. RoSAC-2011-1Tech. Report.
  • “Creepy ∏ion i.e.”, System Support for Ambient Intelligence. Francisco J. Ballesteros-Cámara, Gorka Guardiola-Múzquiz, Enrique Soriano-Salvador. UPGRADE, Volume: 2011, Issue No. 1. 2011.
  • Usb serial design and experience in Plan 9 Gorka Guardiola-Múzquiz, Francisco J. Ballesteros-Cámara, Enrique Soriano-Salvador. IWP9, 2010
  • System Support for Smart Spaces. Francisco J. Ballesteros, Enrique Soriano, Gorka Guardiola. Book Chapter, in Handbook of Research on Ambient Intelligence: Trends and Perspectives. IGI Global. ISBN-10: 1616928573. 2010. IGI Global site.
  • KNX Implementation for Plan 9. Gorka Guardiola Múzquiz, Enrique Soriano Salvador, and Francisco J Ballesteros. IWP9 2009.
  • File indexing and searching for Plan 9.  Francisco J. Ballesteros. IWP9 2009.
  • Email as (real) files. Francisco J. Ballesteros. IWP9 2009.
  • Plan 9’s Universal Serial Bus. Francisco J. Ballesteros. IWP9, 2009.
  • File indexing and searching for Plan 9. Francisco Ballesteros. Tech note. 2007.
  • LiS: Linux STREAMS. Francisco J. Ballesteros, Denis Froschauer, David Grothe, and Graham Wheeler. Linux Journal. An introduction to the STREAMS framework implemented for Linux.
  • Protected Tagged Objects for Ada 95 (ps). [not published].
  • Java: Un lenguaje de prop€osito general. Vicente Matellan, Jose Centeno, Pedro de las Heras, Camino Fernandez, Ignacio Aedo Jesus Gonzalez y Francisco Ballesteros. Cuadernos de Informatica. FESI. 1999.

2K, Off++, and Off

PhD Thesis

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Off — Un Nuevo Enfoque en la Construccion de Sistemas Operativos Distribuidos.