Here you have links to some of the stuff I made.

Besides, I have built several systems including distributed databases and distributed database core components for Ericsson and LeanXcale, among others. Due to contract requirements, I can’t export their software.

  • The Kv distributed key-value store. Written for leanXcale and not on the public domain.
  • Local changes to Plan9port, including a better scroll for Acme and using F1-F3 as mouse buttons.
  • The Clive Operating System.
  • Software for Plan 9 may be found at the Bell labs server for Plan 9 updates. See Plan 9 web site. Today most of Plan 9 software is kept at
  • The NIX operating system.
  • The Picky programming language.
  • The Octopus Operating System.
  • The O/mero window server and the O/live window system viewer. (see Octopus).
  • The Plan B Operating System.
  • The Omero window system (see Plan B).
  • Philo II. A distributed data base core built for Ericsson Research. To fulfill the terms of the project, no information is disclosed here.
  • The Off++ microkernel
  • LiS: STREAMS for GNU/Linux project. They were used by Gcom.
  • NFS with copy operation. Being able to copy bytes from one place to another without going through the client node.
  • The chunk store. It is a Data Structure for Stacked Mappings Management.
  • my ape. It’s a modification to ape (an Ada formatter for LaTeX) to make it work with LaTeX 2e, a little bit more extensible and also compatible with noweb.
  • Yet another C++ to LaTeX tranlator (c++2latex-l, tgz fmt). It converts C or C++ files to LaTeX files.
  • A program to control your CD-ROM from the command line or the standard input and also an Emacs Lisp package so you could play music from your Emacs (supports play lists).
  • todo list package for Emacs.
  • Eq (.tgz). A simple program to do a simple simulation of acid-base chem reactions. It’s in pascal for Ms-Dog.
  • IBAM. The Babel abstract machine for the Babel graph reduction programming language.